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A firearms dealer specialising in high-quality replica rifles, pistols and shotguns from the flintlock and percussion era, Forbes Wholesale can help collectors and re-enactors find your favourite pre-1900 firearms.

We have a range of military muskets and accoutrements for the Napoleonic and Civil War era, Brown Bess, 1777 and Prussian pattern, Harpers Ferry and Springfield styles, 1851, 1853 and 1861 Enfield Pattern rifles, Union and Confederate muskets in various patterns from Pedersoli. .

We stock muzzle-loading rifles, shotguns and pistols for the target shooter and rendezvous enthusiast, Kentucky and Pennsylvania long rifle styles, Plains rifles (Hawken and Tryon style), single barrel flintlock shotguns, single and double barrel percussion shotguns and replica target rifles and duelling pistols.

For the Western Action enthusiast, we have percussion & cartidge revolvers, a new range of "Colt Lightning" replica's,Sharps, Rolling Block and Trapdoor rifles for long range side matches and BPCR shooting in popular "Old West" calibres and some old pistol calibres.

As a specialist firearms dealer we also have an extensive range of firearms and accessories for ISSF and NRAA target-shooting competitors, including .22 rf Target Rifles and Pistols, Gehmann target shooting equipment, sighting, clothing, slings and gloves RWS & Geco Ammuntion for most requirements.

Trading as a firearms dealer in Victoria since 1983, we import and sell to the wholesale market, licensed dealers and the public, according to State and Federal laws, and we can import or export firearms (with appropriate permits).

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